Rush Limbaugh: SSC wishes you well

Pundits like Ann Coulter or Glenn Beck aren’t my cup of tea, although the way they drive some parts of the blogosphere batty has always greatly amused me.

Rush Limbaugh is often lumped in with these two and their imitators, but I admit to the guilty pleasure of reading his site. He’s a much sharper analyst than many people give him credit for, and has his finger very much on the pulse of Middle America. It’s possible to disagree with him on some issues and still learn something.

Now he has been admitted to a hospital in Hawaii with chest pain and, as expected, the loonbats and pond scum at DU et al. have been sending the expected “die mother[bleep]ing pig!” type of civilized discourse. (H/t: Pi Guy) Ann Althouse notes that these are the very same people who want to control your healthcare.

Contrast this with the story of how Rush reached out to a (compared to him fairly obscure) blogger to help him avoid painkiller addiction.

The latest rumor is that it was the side effect of a painkiller he is taking for his back. I wish you well, Rush, and may you drive loonbats and worshippers of 0baal crazy for many years to come. Meanwhile, Walter Williams is filling in as guest host. Free audio stream here (h/t: JCM).

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