Looking around, Dec. 31 edition

  1. 13 AGs threaten suit over health care | KOMO News – Breaking News, Sports, Traffic and Weather – Seattle, Washington… http://shar.es/a9Bhc

  2. Victor Davis Hanson » President Humpty-Dumpty and his Humpty-Dumpty View of the World – http://shar.es/a9FXf

  3. Fouad Ajami: A Cold-Blooded Foreign Policy – WSJ.com – http://shar.es/a9F1Y

  4. And I Thought I Was a Comedian: “Dems claim 0bama tougher on alQaeda than Bush 43” « Robomonkey’s Blog – http://shar.es/a9Fn9 about

  5. Facebook as a narcissist’s best friend? Rachel Marsden: Technology and the New ‘Me’ Generation – WSJ.com – http://shar.es/a9QLP

  6. Terror Crackdown … On Bloggers – http://shar.es/a9O7o

  7. Shelby Steele: Obama and Our Post-Modern Race Problem – WSJ.com – http://shar.es/a9Ov6

  8. This is so over the top, it almost has to be a hoax: To All You Hunters « Joy, Nikki, Sue, Laura & Pam~Our Views – http://shar.es/a9zFB

  9. The Green Religion and ClimateGate: Interview With Steven Mosher – Big Government – http://shar.es/a9xLa

  10. JPost.com | BlogCentral | Rosner’s Domain | Saying no to Obama is no drama [while Bush was crazy like a fox?] – http://shar.es/a9xVl

  11. [What is she smoking?!] Napolitano wants to unionize TSA employees despite safety concerns | Washington Examiner – http://shar.es/a9xQd

  12. iowahawk: Man, Do I Hate Holiday Travel by Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab [satire alert] – http://shar.es/a9xU5

  13. The Volokh Conspiracy: $150K Settlement for Black Public School Students Harassed by Other Blacks for “Acting White” … http://shar.es

  14. JPost.com | Shmuel Rosner | Hannah Rosenthal’s new problem – http://shar.es/a9Zss

  15. Sen. Dodd, D-Conn., slashed aviation security funding for pet constituency | Washington Examiner – http://shar.es/a9hSj

  16. Thomas Sowell: “Unhealthy Arrogance” (RealClearPolitics) http://shar.es/a9hB6

  17. First case of highly drug-resistant TB found in US (H/T: Syrah) – Yahoo! News – http://shar.es/a9uz2

  18. Rosner’s Domain | “Anti-antisemitism czar” Hannah Rosenthal is officially more burden than help – http://shar.es/a9ux0

  19. Paying people to grow trees instead of food — gee, what could go wrong? (H/t Robomonkey) – Washington Times – http://shar.es/a9uZz

  20. (H/t Insty) Medical tourism — the new growth industry?

  21. Last but not least (H/t: “goddessoftheclassroom”): in Close to the Edge, Christopher Johnson administers a well-deserved fisking to an anti-Israel Anglican “theologian” moonbat

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