ClimateGate roundup: last calls for 2009

I’ve stopped daily updates, hut there’s some good stuff I should blog. (Several hat tips to Pi Guy, JCM, and other C2 people.)

  • ClimateAudit discusses here and here the ridiculous claim (parroted by Nature, a scientific journal that has become increasingly politicized in recent years, including over the Arab-Israeli conflict) that Freedom of Information requests to scientists about their raw data represent an undue burden or some sort of harassment or ‘spamming’ by ‘deniers’ (a word that, as a Jew, makes my blood boil). Well, if you’re insisting that we have to cripple our economy and spend trillions of dollars to ‘save Gaia’, you’d better get your act together folks…
  • “Screaming protest” against AGW canceled due to snow and ice
  • Watts Up With That is posting “G. P. Bear goes to Washington” in 12 installments (one on each of the “12 days of Xmas”): here are part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4part 5, and part 6.
  • noted Pastafarian “snork”, my favorite Blogmocracy poster, has several good ones up: Willis Eschenbach on complexity. Nature magazine against open science, and you too can be an eco-nazi. I personally avoid Godwinizing by terms like “eco-Nazi” (as much as their use of ‘denier’ begs for retaliation in kind) and prefer ‘enviropsycho’ or buzzsawmonkey’s priceless ‘environmentalcase’.
  • CO2 levels in the last 150 years — Hmmm
  • ClimateGate interview at
  • As posted below, French court declares carbon tax/cap and trade/krep and tax unconstitutional. In related news, Senate Democrats to White House: dump cap and trade. This issue is creating some mighty strange bedfellows.
  • And not strictly speaking AGW-related, but: San Francisco newspaper admonishes hunters to stop killling animals, and buy their meat at a store instead, “where no animals were harmed”. UPDATE: Zombie (see comments) points out that it’s actually from the Kankakee, IL Daily Journal, in a “Readers, have your say” type sections. Still wondering if somebody was “taking the p*ss”  there, as no-one can possibly be this cartoonishly shtoopid — then again, we see refutations of this latter statement every day…
  • Paying people to grow trees instead of food — what could go wrong? (H/t: Robomonkey.) Somehow I am reminded of the parents of Major Major in “catch-22”, who were paid by the government not to grow food, and kept increasing the supply of land on which not to grow…
  • More updates will follow if I see anything else before “Das alte Jahr vergangen ist

<– Link to last ClimateGate roundup, Dec. 23 —

— ClimateGate: are we approaching a tipping point? –>

4 thoughts on “ClimateGate roundup: last calls for 2009

  1. Took me all of 30 seconds to discover that the anti-hunting meat rant “from a San Francisco newspaper” was not from a San Francisco newspaper at all. In fact, it’s from an Illinois newspaper:

    The Kankakee, Illinois Daily Journal. The whole thing is explained at the link. An the story is from last March, not a recent thing.

    On all the blogs that linked to this, not a single one was able to track down the source, though they all claimed to try, as did the commenters! Very strange. Maybe I could make a living giving search method lessons? C’mon people, it’s not so hard!

  2. Weird, Google doesn’t like that link being used, and redirects it to a plaintext version.

    You can see the page I tried to link to by going here and clicking on the words “Quick view” in the first search result. That way, you can see the original layout of the page where it appeared.

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