Liberty or “social justice”: pick one?

“Neo-neocon” has a thoughtful article up on Pajamas Media on which she discusses the intrinsic conflict between liberty and equality-of-outcome (so-called “social justice”) policies. Go read the whole thing.

Thomas Sowell’s book “The quest for cosmic justice” of course makes a similar point at greater length.

But in fact it is not even a choice between “social justice” and liberty. Equality of opportunity policies, and liberty, can be implemented in the real world. So-called “social justice” in practice cannot be wrought even by benevolent tyrannies — except as “make everybody equally miserable, with the exception of  the oligarchy implementing it, and its designated mascots”.

It is therefore more of a Benjamin Franklin dilemma — allow me to paraphrase him: “Those who give up essential liberty and equality of opportunity for the sake of illusory ‘social justice’ will end up with neither.”

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