ABC video of Dutch hero who stopped plane bomber

ABC video (sorry, no embed): Jasper Schuringa: ‘We Heard Bang’.

In related news, the bomber was no lone wolf but an al-Qaeda operative trained in Yemen, and a failed detonator prevented a disaster. The explosive used was reportedly PETN (pentaerythritol nitrate).

PowerLine asks the hard questions why the bomber — one Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, who apparently had beem on a watch list of people with suspected terrorist connections for two years — was even allowed to fly at all.

And Mark Steyn. “The men eager to self-detonate on infidel airliners are not goatherds from the caves of Waziristan but educated middle-class Muslims who have had the most exposure to the western world and could be pulling down six-figure salaries almost anywhere on the planet. And don’t look to “assimilation” to work its magic, either. We’re witnessing a process of generational de-assimilation: In this family, yet again, the dad is an entirely assimilated member of the transnational elite. His son wants a global caliphate run on Wahhabist lines.”

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