ClimateGate/Copenhagen: aftershocks on Festivus

Today some of us (atheists, Seinfeld fans,…?) observe the fictitious winter holiday of Festivus (Dec. 23) — marked, among other things, by an “airing of the grievances”.

There is still some ClimateGate news trickling in:

  • Roger Simon wonders if ClimateGate is a dead issue following the publication of a paper attributing most global warming in recent years to a combination of cosmic rays and ozone layer depletion due to CFCs. Sure enough, this is still at least “human-assisted GW”, but, as CFCs are already being phased out in any case… Commentars argue that this was all never about climate in the first place, and all about bureaucratic power and control… and that a new “crisis” justifying same will eventually be found after people stop taking AGW seriously.
  • Andy Pollack, who appears to be a conservationist if not an outright environmentalist, wonders if AGW is the environmental movement’s Tet Offensive.
  • Joel Kotkin: the Green movement’s misanthropy
  • Copenhagen Coda: over 100 dead from cold in Europe , with temperatures dropping as far as -33 C.
  • Noted Pastafarian “snork”/earth2moonbat at The Blogmocracy argues that open ideological advocates like Jim Hansen actually do less damage to science than people like Gavin Schmidt who try to keep up pretenses of objectivity. (Similarly, I have much less of a problem with the overtly partisan press than with the CNNs and TIMEs of this world.) More on Schmidt (and the misnamed at Roger Pielke Jr.’s blog.
  • Iowahawk has video of Gordon Brown leading Al Gore into a broom closet, and shows similarities with the “hello Cleveland!” scene of the cult movie Spinal Tap. (H/t: Robomonkey)
  • more updates to follow if any further stories come

— Link to yesterday’s ClimateGate roundup —

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