Climategate/Copenhagen roundup, Dec. 19: glass half full or wholly empty?

Today’s featured post, “Glass half full or wholly empty?”, is by Wretchard at Belmont Club:

The “historic deal” left behind by Barack Obama, who decamped for Washington, has descended into chaos as a number of countries rejected the text, according to the Daily Telegraph.

The “historic” climate change deal at the Copenhagen climate summit has descended into chaos after some developing nations rejected the plan for fighting global warming championed by US President Barack Obama. …

Tempers flared during an all-night plenary session, held after most of 120 visiting world leaders had left.

Lumumba Stanislaus Di-Aping, the Sudanese negotiator, said the draft text asked “Africa to sign a suicide pact”.

One Saudi delegate said it was without doubt “the worst plenary I have ever attended.”

Ed Miliband, the Environment Secretary, warned delegates that the plan would have to be endorsed to unlock funds outlined in the deal, including $30 billion in “quick-start” aid from 2010-12, rising to $100 billion a year from 2020.

He has some further posts:

The overall impression I get is of “a measure for nothing” (as the priceless Dutch expression goes). Watts Up With That seems to agree.

  • Biofuels advocate Robert Zubrin agrees with much of what Lord Monckton said, but refutes his claims that biofuels cause famine.
  • A poet critiques Al Gore’s AGW doggerel
  • Roger Simon: Cope Notes 3: Welcome back to the Middle Ages
  • “WE STAND UPON THE PRECIPICE, and it is time to jump!” [Snarks Instapundit:] Freudian slip? And if Bush 43 had spoken the same malapropism, how many days would we be seeing headlines about it?
  • Always a reliable source of pompous windbaggery laced with shtoopid concentrate, John Kerry : “This can be a catalyzing moment. It’s a powerful signal to see President Obama, Premier Wen, Prime Minister Singh, and President Zuma agree on a meeting of the minds. These are the four horsemen of a climate change solution…” [Bwaahaahaa]
  • Unexpected snowstorm forces Nancy Peelousy to cut her “global warming” junket short.
  • At Ace f Spades, “krakatoa” has a ClimateGate roundup of his/her own.
  • Lorrie Goldstein: “This is all about 3rd-world kleptocrats extorting money which they will spend, not on reducing greenhouse gas emissions, but on anything they d*mn well please”
  • More additions as the day progresses
  • And in case you missed it yesterday, don’t miss “Climategatekeeping #2” (see also Climategatekeeping #1). Warning: if you’re a real scientist who still believes in seeking the truth without fear or favor, it just might make your blood boil.
  • One more thing (H/t: Russkilitlover via Robomonkey): Brits are indeed good at snark:

“When your attempt at recreating the Congress of Vienna with a third-rate cast of extras turns into a shambles, when the data with which you have tried to terrify the world is daily exposed as ever more phoney, when the blatant greed and self-interest of the participants has become obvious to all beholders, when those pesky polar bears just keep increasing and multiplying – what do you do? … If there were not $45 trillion of Western citizens’ money at stake, this would be the funniest moment in world history. What a bunch of buffoons. Not since Neville Chamberlain tugged a Claridge’s luncheon bill from his pocket and flourished it on the steps of the aircraft that brought him back from Munich has a worthless scrap of paper been so audaciously hyped.”

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