Friday night beauty: J. S. Bach, Brandenburg Concerto #5 in D major, BWV 1050. 1st mvt., Allegro

In the spirit of the combined joys of the Sabbath and the last day of Chanukah, here is one of the most joyous pieces of classical music I know: the first movement of Bach’s Fifth Brandenburg Concerto for flute, violin, and keyboard. This performance (using modertn instruments and in standard tuning) is by the Munich Bach Orchestra, with as soloists: Otto Büchner on violin, Paul Meisen on flute, and the late lamented Karl Richter on harpsichord and conducting.

The only performance I like still better is Glenn Gould’s, but the available video recording’s soundtrack is marred by heavy distortion in the solo part. Should you wish to hear it regardless, here it is: part 1 (1st movement up to beginning of keyboard solo), part 2 (remainder of 1st movement + 2nd movement), part 3 (3rd movement).


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