ClimateGate/Copenhagen roundup, Dec. 18: California dreaming edition

Yup, the “warming” is all in the black “adjustment” line. Deliberate fudging or “confirmation bias” (coming up with rationalizations for “corrections to measurement flaws” that just happen to fit one’s preconceptions)? My money’s on the latter.

I would not be surprised if textbooks on scientific ethics 20 years from now will discuss AGW at some length…

  • FEATURED: Victor Davis Hanson, in The Long Road from California to Copenhagen, looks at California as a laboratory for “eco-friendly policies” , and gives the experiment failing grades.
  • See also “Wretchard” (Richard Fernandez): A deal in Copenhagen?
  • Claudia Rosett: Despots descend on Copenhagen. See also Roger Simon: “So many despots, so little time
  • Joseph d’Aleo: “Paint-by-numbers global warming” Looks like classic “data cherry picking” writ large.
  • William Briggs: “Environmentalists will chage hats and move on“. “After a decade of global temperatures stubbornly refusing to play nice, and things turning out to be not nearly as bad as predicted, the Copenhagen-created program will not die. […] It will morph into an ossified, entrenched behemoth whose mission will, through time, quietly morph into “environmental justice.” Climate change, the original impetus, will have been long forgotten.”
  • UPDATE: The Telegraph: “When your attempt at recreating the Congress of Vienna with a third-rate cast of extras turns into a shambles, when the data with which you have tried to terrify the world is daily exposed as ever more phoney, when the blatant greed and self-interest of the participants has become obvious to all beholders, when those pesky polar bears just keep increasing and multiplying – what do you do?” (H/t: Russkilitlover)
  • UPDATE 2: (H/t: Pi Guy) Coyote Blog: will work for food. Some quotes:

“Here is the perfect analogy for the Third World’s sudden interest in climate:  The “I will work for food” sign.  Beggers learned that (at least for a while) this sign was a good marketing tool.  They had no intention of doing any work  (I had a friend who used to drive up to all of them and offer them landscaping work in exchange for lunch, always to be turned down flat) but they knew it made potential donors more sympathetic –  see, they really want to work but are just down on their luck. If you haven’t seen the movie Interstate 60, you really need to.  Relevant clip available here.

This is exactly the equivalent of the Third World’s sudden interest in climate change.  Up to this point, their leaders have shown no interest in stopping the raping of their own local ecosystems.  These guys are certainly not conservationists, but they know a good marketing tool.  Copenhagen is about these guys putting their hands out, and using climate as the marketing tool to soften up their marks in the West.  These nations certainly have no intention of having any targets or restrictions place on their countries.  They just have their hands out.  And it looks like they may succeed, at least in the treaty phase.

Obama has positioned himself in such a way that he feels that he has to have something he can call a win at Copenhagen.  So he goes to the politician’s traditional playbook, which is use taxpayer money to buy a deal to try to make himself look better.  He is working to do this with the passage of the health care bill and he probably will do this in Copenhagen, agreeing to $100 billion a year in payoffs to third world kleptocracies so he can look like a winner to western socialists.”

  • more updates to follow as the day progresses
And a week before Xmas, let’s not forget “The 12 days of Global Warming”:

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