ClimateGate/Copenhagen roundup, Dec. 17: From Russia with Love II edition

  • BREAKING: James Delingpole in the Telegraph: Russians confirm that UK scientists manipulated data to exaggerate global warming.
  • This story is now the #2 #1 meme on Memeorandum. Go there to follow further coverage. This could be huge.
  • Associated Press lied for Al Gore
  • Euro carbon indulgences credits trading system plagued by fraud. I am shocked, shocked!
  • Prince Big Ears Charles used up seven months of the average person’s ‘carbon footprint’ to get him to and fro a speech on climate change. Sanctus Hypocritus, ora pro nobis.
  • ClimateAudit is all over the story, and dug up an “interesting” Email from the CRU hack archive worth quoting here:

    On Mar 31, 2004 [Phil] Jones wrote to [Michael] Mann as follows:
    “Recently rejected two papers (one for JGR and for GRL) from people saying CRU has it wrong over Siberia. Went to town in both reviews, hopefully successfully. If either appears I will be very surprised, but you never know with GRL.”
    Say no more.

  • More updates to follow
  • And finally a “heh” moment: Greenpeace gets a dose of its own medicine: see here and here.

— Link to yesterday’s roundup —.


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