0bama Nobel acceptance speech: Mixed reviews

Reactions in the blogosphere to 0bama’s acceptance speech of the Yasser Arafat (y”sh) Memorial Boob Prize Nobel Peace Prize are quite mixed.

In the case of Powerline, the split runs across the blog itself, with Scott Johnson giving it low marks and Paul Mirengoff calling it ‘a pleasant surprise’. I am personally leaning toward Paul’s (and Charles Krauthammer’s, on Fox News — not to mention Sarah Palin’s!) point of view, in a “we’ll take what we can get” spirit: the fact that 0bama went out and made an even halfway cogent defense of armed intervention for the sake of peace can only be applauded.

He will have to travel a thousand miles, in terms of ideology, before people on ‘our’ side can respect him. Still, a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and we should remember the Talmudic injunction to ‘weigh a person on the credit side of the balance’.

Update: Vaclav Havel is not impressed. Neither is wannabe-moderate David Frum.

Update 2: and of course, for all the vaunted respect for other culturees that liberals are supposed to have, the snub of the Norwegian king was, well… ‘tin-eared’ is too kind a word.  In ‘retaliation’, the Norwegians replaced an absent 0bama by a cardboard cutout.


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