Scrappleface gets serious on 0bamanomics

Scott Ott, he of satirical site, gets serious and discusses 0bamanomics:

Some of the comments are priceless.

  • “I need ID to buy a can of WD-40. So why not to vote?!”
  • “The United States federal government is dominated by a Confederacy of Dunces with poor mental skills whose only real agenda is to concoct a system of dependence that insures their own power in perpetuity.”
  • “Terry: Sounds like the joke in the old Soviet Union, ”You pretend to pay us, we pretend to work.” Of course, Obama thinks high productivity is a problem, he’d like everything to be as un-productive as the government or academia.
    In 1981, I went to India to set up a manufacturing project & spent a year in Calcutta. I could not help but notice a most bizarre phenomenon – every organization had lots of superfluous employees, all being paid next to nothing to do essentially nothing except waste everyone elses time.
    I’ll give an example. I went to a handicrafts cooperative to buy some souvenirs. When I had selected a few items, I went to pay. The procedure was mind-boggling. First you give your items to someone at the counter. She gave me a number & passed the item to a man who took them to another desk. There, a man noted down the items & checked the prices in a big book. This took about 30 minutes. Then, he filled out a form & gave the items & the form to another man who took the items to another desk. There, another man checked the form, verified the items, & stamped the form. The items & form were then passed to yet another person who wrote up a bill in multiple copies & the items were passed to yet another person who wrapped them & attached some copies of the bill to the outside of the package. This was then passed to yet another person who detached a copy of the bill, stamped it, & passed the package to the front counter. At the same time, a copy of the bill was passed to someone else at the counter, placed on a pile of other bills. Finally, my number was called, I went to the counter to pay. I was given a receipt, stamped with another number, & sent to another line where I waited to give them the receipt & take my package.
    Altogether, it took approx. 1 1/2 hours to pay for my purchases.
    This is Obama’s vision of our future.”

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