Hillary may run in 2012?!

A guest commentary piece by Tony Blankley for the  Rasmussen Reports opinion polling website, Hillary in 2012?, looks at the possibility that Hillary Clinton might consider running for the White House in 2012.

Update: While we’re on the subject of Rasmussen, some breaking polls: 60% Want Fort Hood Shooting Investigated as Terrorist Act and 81% View U.S. Military Favorably This Veteran’s Day.


2 thoughts on “Hillary may run in 2012?!

  1. The woman is addicted to politics.

    Of course she has as much a chance of winning the Dem nomination in 2012 as James Farley did against FDR in 1940 — i.e. none. (And if you’ve never heard of Farley, there’s a reason: you simply can’t step in a steal away the party nomination from a sitting president.)

    Maybe she’ll run as an independent.

    You know what I’d to see: An all-women Palin-Clinton independent ticket, not running as Pres/VP, but as Co-Presidents!

    Even I would vote for that ticket, just for the novelty factor.

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